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> Insulation materials for General Motors
> Insulation material of automaticwinding motor
> Insulation material of high voltage motor
> Insulation material of oil immersedtransformer
> Reactance transformer insulationmaterial
> Insulation material of dry typetransformer
> Insulation material of transformer
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Insulating paint

Insulating paint, also called insulating coatings, is a kind of insulating paint with excellent electrical insulation. Applicable to transformers, motors, motors, electronic coils, relays, micro-motors, high-frequency electrical instruments and other windings with electronic requirements. Self-drying insulating paint: also known as air-drying insulating paint, it can be surface-dried in half an hour at normal temperature to form an insulating paint film, which is easy to use after working for four hours. Drying insulating paint: insulating paint that needs to be dried at high temperature (it will also dry when exposed to the sun), which has better stability than self-drying edge paint Diluent: used to dilute insulating paint and improve permeability.

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