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> Insulation materials for General Motors
> Insulation material of automaticwinding motor
> Insulation material of high voltage motor
> Insulation material of oil immersedtransformer
> Reactance transformer insulationmaterial
> Insulation material of dry typetransformer
> Insulation material of transformer
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founded in 2004,  covers more than 10000 square meters land, The last decade, through the wave of Chinas economic development,With the spirit ofharding working" and "credit management", our company gradually developed and can supply various insulation material with high quality and best services, insulation material series including as following:
Insulation composites series:6520/6521(insulation paper/polyester film),DMD,F-DMD,SleevinEpoxy-impregnated DMD,PMP6521, NMN,NHN,IZOFLEX-MGM.Fiberglass sleeving series: 2715,2740,2751,2753 and heat treated sleevingFilms series: 6051 polyimide film and 6020/6021 polyester(mylar) filmInsulation Paper series: Fish paper, Insulating cardboard, D.D.P, crepe paperLaminated Sheet and rod series: 3240 ,G10 ,FR4 ,3021 ,3025 ,rod and tube fabric laminatedVarnished  cloth: 2210, 2310,2432 ,2440 ,2450Binding insulation tape: cotton tape,fiberglass tape, polyester tape,PVC tapeImpregnated Binding Tape series: 2830 ,2840 ,2843 ,2850Mica Products: 5438, 5440 ,5450 and mica sheet etc.
With the development of last decade, now we have four modern production workshop, and all the products passed the ISO9001 Quality Systerm Demonstration and the certificate of ROHS.We can manufacture 600tons insulation composite materials: fish paper with mylar film,green ,blue and brown color, DMD,F-DMD,Epoxy-impregnated DMD,NMN,NHN,MGM191 one year,100tons DDP,10milion meter polyster tape,cotton tape and fiberglass tape ,10milion meter fiberglass sleevings,300tons laminated sheet and rods one year.
All along, Our company uphold five resposibility for company, ourselves, enterprise, the staff and the customer, the service first, teamwork, embracing the change, intergrity, passion and dedication of the six values won the praise of the customers from home and abroad. at present, our products sold to more than 20 provinces, cities and towns. In addition, our products exported to Asia, African,  Europe, Middle East, Latin American more than 30 countries.
Sincerely we hope to establish a business relationship with all sincere customers and provide you with excellent quality and the best service.


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